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Despite our low prices, we have proven time and time again that our hosting platform can meet the needs of any size and type of client. - Mexico's largest web portal with over 5,000,000 hits per day
Harry S. Truman College - City college in Chicago with over 30,000 students
Warrior Lacrosse - World's largest manufacturer of Lacrosse gear - Publicly traded online mortgage company
Great Lakes Credit Union - One of Ohio's oldest credit unions
Illinois 2nd Judicial Circuit - Illinois state circuit court system
Pulaski Country Sheriff's Office - Pulaski County Sherriff's official website
Columbia County - Columbia County municipal website
Asheville United Way - Regional United Way organization
Ramada Plaza Beach Resort - Popular hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - The official website of Macho Man Randy Savage
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We would like to thank the customers below who have taken the time to submit their feedback about our service. Messages are selected at random from our database of customer testimonials each time this page is loaded.
i Just transfered 7 domains to you guys, and your team helped me from start to finish with great communication.

Then of course (LOL) I had issues with connecting via FTP. The manner in that i was given instructions and the follow up was OUTSTANDING.


Jerry Deleon
Duluth, GA
Had a prompt and efficient response to my problem from Ryan G.
Thanks !!!
Ernesto Cuesta
Bethesda, MD
I've always received prompt and excellent service at Webmasters.
Chris Kilgore
Alpharetta, GA
We've been having a lot of Spam related problems with recently. John DeSantis has been extremely helpful. He's gone beyond the call of duty to explain the issues, resolve the problems, and help us find workarounds. Having support people like that on the job make the decision to stay with much easier.
Peter Fales
Naperville, IL
I have had phone conversations and email interactions yesterday and today which are completely excellent. I experienced prompt, friendly and knowledgeable people to help me with my questions and to facilitate solutions.

Many thanks for your great support.
Cortni Frecha
Worcester, VT
Seldom a problem and usually self inflicted, but quick response
and quick fixes every time. Thanks for keeping the high standards.
Eddie Stoddard
Electra, TX
Incredibly fast service. The support person helped me immeidately and saved me from a whoopin' from my ex. (I manage her website.)
Thank you.
Jim Dean
Los Angeles, CA
Webmasters has never let us down. The few trouble tickets that we create usually get resolved within minutes, never hours - outstanding support. Been hosting with you for many, many years now. You've easily kept up with the complexities of our site. Keep up the great work!
Madhu Khemani
Ann Arbor, MI
I wish there was something better than excellent. For a big organization such as webmasters, I can't believe how personalized your customer service is. It's fast, complete and easy for those of us semi-computer literates to understand. You have my thanks for caring about your clients and Paul Shultz in your customer care department has a huge thank you for patience and understanding that I don't have.
cheryl q
Homestead, Fl
So far - the best support I've ever got from anyone (except my wife and parents of course)!
Teapot Sapiens
Reykjavik, Iceland
Ryan Glen was fast to respond, quick ro act and informative. Great job!
Quinn F Harry
Laurel, MD
Everytime I have a problem or question, I get an immediate response.Your client service team is great (and very patient too :-) Thanks!
Bernadette van der Vliet
Cheyenne, WY
I am a new customer but so far I am highly impressed. I run a website for a band that used to be popular in the early 1990s and still has a big fanbase.

First of all, NO spam filter has ever been effective in blocking out all the spam I get. I have had the same email address for 8 years, so you can imagine I get some 300-400 spams a day. Since I implimented your filters a few hours ago, I have NONE. Well done and I am very pleased.

Next, I love how easy your control panel is. I've been doing websites for 8 years and have hosted with many places. All the options you have are fabulous, and everything is well documented.

I just switched to your hosting after spending a few years with a company who charged me twice as much money per month for less than HALF of the disk space you offer.

Thank you thank you thank you for being the best host I've ever had!!!
Cara DeCarlo
Parma Hts, OH
jeannie harrington is the greatest, i just purchased another domain name and for the life of me i cant remember how to add it to my add ons, didnt have to tell that girl anything and she got it all worked out for me immediately. you have a great tech in jeannie
gail dittmeier
Dallas, TX
I would like to thank both John DeSantis and Curran Thomas for their wonderful service and all their professionalism is sorting out the problem that we faced in sending and receiving e-mails. They were really quick in finding out what went wrong and thanks to both, we are now back online.
Jack Farraj
Amman, Jordan
Really, the service of the is more than very good, it's excellent service, I'm hosting my website with them more than three years, I receive their support every time I need it, and they learn me some skills through their support.
Dr. Eng. Mahmoud Deyab
Doha, Quatar
I just wanted to send you this brief message regarding my recent experience with your Client Services Team member, Mr. C. Schmidt.
I had been fighting for several days with a server-error issue that was affecting the functionality of an application I am trying run, I had sent a support request earlier this afternoon and I was extremely pleased to see not only such a prompt reply from Mr. Schmidt, but that he had already implemented a complete resolve of the issue!
I feel compelled to say that I truly and sincerely appreciate the prompt, courteous and exceptional service/assistance received from Mr. C. Schmidt.
As you may know, I (as well as some of my clients & friends that I have brought here) have been very, very satisfied customers at Webmasters for many years now, yet I/we are still always impressed with the quality, professionalism and high degree of customer service consistently provided at Webmasters!
Thank you!
Jurgen Schmidt
Asheville, NC
I moved one of my sites ( to WebMasters after researching the hosts with the highest uptime. After 3 months I have been so delighted with the reliability, value and service that I now host more than 50 sites at WebMasters.

Your email-based customer service is the best I have ever seen. Fast, helpful and courteous. I now recommend you to everyone I speak to that runs sites.

Keep up the good work!
Mike Vessey
dorset, United Kingdom
It's uncommon for me to need to contact your technical support, but the few times I have, I have been impressed with the fast response time and expertise: your staff immediately knows how to take care of the strange requests I come up with.
David Carroll
Barnesville, OH
Wow! A Sunday morning and resolution of my site problem within minutes!!! Thanks so much!
Patricia Bridewell
Beaver Dam, KY
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